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The Windsurfing Movie II Trailer out now

Yeah, Poorboyz Productions just released the official trailer for The Windsurfing Movie II ! Gives a great insight into the movie!
Check it out, might be a good christmas present by the way ;)


Find The Windsurfing Movie II in our shop, also available as combo box with The Windsurfing Movie I for an awesome price of 34,90 Euros and in combination with our Tricktionary books / DVD's - check the combo section in our webstore...

The Windsurfing Movie II DVD

(Tricktionary 2 + Action DVD):




Windsurfer International November issue out!

Wow - completely redesigned, the free online windsurfing magazine Windsurfer International! - November Issue just came out...

They also combined famous Beach Telegraph newspage and the magazine on one website- which is

Nice new layout and nice content this time again...

check it out!

Windsurfer International November issue



Shoptour in south Spain, travelling to Tarifa

After checking out Leucate and visiting many of the shops there with our Tricktionary BOOK and DVD, we were travelling down from Leucate to Tarifa in the past days, visiting some of the surf shops in south of spain on the way down...

First we passed by Barcelona, then Valencia (stopped at Bonaire in Valencia by the way :) ), then down along the coast, sleeping somewhere in the middle of nowhere, next day further down to Almeria - visiting Windsurf E42 shop, then passing by La Herradura surf shop (unfortunately have to visit again cause they were closed till December - but a super nice bay - seems promising when there's wind...).

After that, the next day we came by Termiko in Torremolinos, that's close to the airport in Malaga and finally arrived in Tarifa yesterday late afternoon.

We will now work hard on our latest project which will be finally ready for a first public release around the 25th of November. Stay tuned!!

See some impressions of our ride down in the Tricktionary photoblog

Here the latest photos:


Tricktionary video & photo blog online

Travelling on our Tricktionary promo tours (such as this year in the USA in June and now a little France/Spain tour), we wanted to share some images with you. Video blog, because we will publish some videos every now and then in the future.

This all also with the vision of the Trickademy - Tricktionary Windsurfing Academy - which we are planing to start officially next year (had some prototype events this year - good success).

check it out - more than a normal blog - The official Tricktionary video & photo blog //

Tricktionary video & photo blog

Something else worth mentioning in case you haven't seen it yet somewhere:

Two short videoclips, showing some state of the art high end radical freestyle.
First one of Steven van Broekhoven training in El Tur / Egypt and the other one Davy Sheffers in Browersdam / Netherlands:



The Windsurfing Movie II finally available

Finally got The Windsurfing Movie II DVD's!!

Great movie, check it out in our shop!! Hope we'll have a trailer available soon!

Also available is the Tricktionary Actionpack, which consists of the Tricktionary book + an Action DVD (also The Windsurfing Movie II DVD!), the Action DVD Combo (consistis of Tricktionary DVD + Action DVD) and soon we will have a combo pack of The Windsurfing Movie I and II available (not in stock yet) for a great price!!!

Check it out!!

The Windsurfing Movie II DVD



Sylt live webcast - check it out!

Right now the Sylt Worldcup is running - it's a Grand Slam, so Freestyle, Wave and Slalom disciplines, depending on the conditions!!

Check out the live webcast and see what's going on!

More infos, a Live-ticker, Photos and so on at

all best



Colombia - Windsurfing into the Unknown Movie now Online

A bit late for the news,- since a few days the Movie "Colombia - Windsurfing into the Unknown" is out!

We (Sandra and Rossi) helped with the filming - but the editing and everything else was done by the Team around Camilo "Zowy" Galeano.

See the movie yourself - it will introduce you to Colombia as a very nice and still pretty unknown windsurfing destination!

Colombia - Windsurfing into the Unknown


Windsurfer International August 2010 issue out!

There are some spectacular features and photo galleries in the current issue, also a sick Grubby variation of Mattia Pedrani.

This time we (Tricktionary Publishing) feature a move from the jibes-chapter in the Tricktionary. It's the Aerial Duck Jibe, an underrated old school move that has a lot of potential, not only style-wise, but also as a very good exercise for many advanced freestyle tricks.

Check it out - it's worth it!!

August 2010 Windsurfer International Mag 10 Front Cover Press


Colombia - Windsurfing into the Unknown Movie trailer out now!

Finally the website and the trailer of Colombia - Windsurfing into the Unknown - project is online!

Colombia is a great country with lots of wind, waves, sandy beaches, sun, friendly people and pretty good infrastructure. Camilo Galeano, a good friend of mine directed this movie with him, Philip Soltysiak and me as riders - and I think it came out great!

The movie will come soon, free for download - so stay tuned!

check the website to see the trailer!



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