GA Sails - Team Update

The next team update made it into our inbox and it comes from the PWA constructors champion of the sail ranking. GA-Sails. 4 new teamrideres made it to their team for 2015. Taty Frans, who left Maui Sails after 9 years and joining his brother Tonky and cousin Kiri Thode in the GA-Team. Furthermore Ludovic Jossin and Antoine Questel for the slalom team and Aleix Sanllehy for the waves. Read below what team manager Ross Williams has to add.

“I personally really like all the new guys coming on board, they all are super talented sailors and are motivated to prove themselves in the 2015. In the waves we now have Aleix Sanllehy who has been a guy I have been very impressed with over the last few years. When you see him sail in Pozo he is one of the guys that stands out, he’s doing all the moves but also with style and power which is nice to see. Aleix in person is a very positive young lad who is willing to learn and grow with the team and i think he will very useful with feedback on some of the larger wave boards and sails. Aleix has a big future and look forward to seeing him grow with the brands in the coming years.”

“Next we have Taty Frans who is joining us on our slalom and freestyle team. I think Taty is one of the modern versatile sailors with bags of style. He is one of the guys that you always want to watch, whether it’s while he’s pulling off powerful freestyle moves or kicking ass on the slalom course. He has the prefect attitude and demeanour on and off the water. He is a real pleasure to have him back on Gaastra and joining his brother Tonky.”

Rounding up our slalom team we have Antoine Questel and Ludo Jossin. These guys have got the experience on the PWA tour to put in some great results. Antoine is a true professional and we have been watching him the past few years as he has made his way up the rankings and on to the podiums, he really is going to be one to watch this year. As a multi french champion that alone shows his talents and intent to win. Ludo too has shown he can beat the best, with french and Spanish titles as well as podium finishes on the world stage in the PWA slalom. Ludo is living in Tarifa and has been a good sailing partner for Ben van der steen over the last few years so i’m sure these boys will be pushing each other during the 2015 season.”

I’d like to welcome them all into into the Gaastra family and are very proud to have them representing us for 2015. It will be great seeing them out on the water flying the Gaastra flag for the team and the brand.”

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