Windsurf Tricktionary 2 eBook!

The Windsurfing Tricktionary 2 is unfortunately still sold out in it's print version.

You still need/want a Tricktionary 2?

Now you can get the Tricktionary 2 as eBook - available on Amazon as Kindle eBook!
In a few days it will also be on the iBooks store from Apple.

The eBook links on the Kindle store here:

Another alternative and an awesome learning tool is the Winddsurfing Tricktionary DVD Box - which was filmed together with the Tricktionary 2 book - so basically the Tricktionary 2 books as video.

Purchase the Tricktionary DVD Box in our online shop or at your closest Windsurf store!

More details: http://www.tricktionary.com/en/windsurfing/tricktionary-dvd-box

Have fun!
Michael Rossmeier
Tricktionary Publishing

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