Windsurfing Tricktionary mobile app

Finally, the first mobile instructional windsurfing application is reality!!
You bring the Tricktionary book everywhere, but it suffers from taking it to the beach and travelling with it? You don't have and don't want to carry a mobile DVD player everywhere you go to watch the Tricktionary DVD?  
Well, you take your mobile everywhere, right?  

GREAT! - If you have any iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad,...) or Android device, you will now be able to download our Tricktionary mobile app and have all the windsurfing moves you ever want to learn with you!
alyze each step by zooming in, view the video a couple of times to understand the movement and go on the water RIGHT AWAY!!


And the best: The Windsurfing TrickApp is available to download FOR FREE!
All the manoeuvres that are in the Tricktionary book and on the Tricktionary DVD are also available in the app!!
We seperated the moves into 4 packages, Beginners, Non-jumping, Jumping and Wave. The free content includes the Beginner pack and several demo moves of each of the advanced chapters.

Version 1 will only be available in English, translations will automatically be downloaded with the coming updates!

PLEASE NOTE: We still are working on some known issues, feedback in form of bug reports, feature requests and reviews is very much appreciated and possible right through a feedback-form inside the app!


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- Great quality pictures
- High resolution photosequences to understand even most complex movements
- Video feature for every move
- Famous Tricktionary tips, problems and solutions
- Pre-exercises for each move directly accessible
- Favorites list - collect the moves you are working on

- Portrait and Lanscape training modes



iOS version:
- iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
- iOS version 3.2 or newer

Android version:
- Android 2.2 or higher

Both: Being excited about windsurfing


iOS Android
Either click here for the direct link to the iTunes app store page:  Visit the Google Play Store:




You can also just visit the iTunes app store, or the Google Play store on your computer or your mobile, search for Windsurfing Tricktionary and our Trickapp should pop up - download and have fun!!

How to's

How to update a move package? Here

How to redeem a pre-paid iTunes card Here

Gift the Tricktionary iPhone app Here



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