How to redeem a pre-paid iTunes card

cardsIf you have a pre-paid iTunes card or an iTunes gift card, you can transfer the amount of the card to your iTunes account and then purchase items in the iTunes store.

This can be music, apps OR a move package in the Tricktionary iPhone app ;)


To redeem a pre-paid iTunes card, see the following instructions:

  1. Open iTunes, and click on "iTunes Store" on the left side of the screen.
  2. Go to the "Quick Links" window on the right side of the screen and click "Redeem."
  3. Enter the code from your prepaid iTunes card into the space provided and click "Redeem."
  4. This will credit your iTunes account with the amount of money on the card.
  5. Purchase items from the iTunes store against the balance of your card.

Once you have the amount on your iTunes account, you can enter the Tricktionary iPhone app and click "Shop" in the bottom to go online and see the available move packages.

You can have a good idea by just entering the move packages directly, preview the package by seeing the moves with the DEMO badge and see the whole list of moves that will available after purchasing the package.

After buying the move packages (click buy and enter your iTunes account info) the app will start downloading the content (Wifi connection recommended, the move packages are quite big!).

Once the download is finished, it will be installed automatically and you can go back into the app and start learning new Moves!

  • Lunes, 06 Diciembre 2010

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