Why are the advanced move packages so expensive?

The market for mobile applications for windsurfers is very limited, due to the limited amount of windsurfers in the world.

Tricktionary Publishing is a small company, consisting of Michale Rossmeier and Sandra Schennach only. Everything we do needs to have some economic background and app developing is not cheap. Furthermore, Apple takes a huge percentage of all sales through their iTunes store, limiting the income of developers.


Windsurfing is not a mainstream market, so we can not sell quantity (eg. hundered thousand apps for 1 Euro/USD), we are selling specialized quality (hopefully a few thousand apps for the current move-package price of 7.99 Euros / 9.99 USD). It is not even certain we will cover the production costs that way, but we hope, windsurfers will appreciate our efforts and continue to be happy with our products, as they are with our books or dvds.

  • Domingo, 06 Febrero 2011

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