Sam Esteve - Air Skopu

Sam Esteve - the 16 years old Freestyle talent from France - recently got a lot of attention in the social media due his perfect "Air Skopu" with many Likes & Shares on Facebook and re-tweets on Twitter.

Sam's living in South France just 100m away from the beach plus he has some really good freestyle spots for every wind direction in the surroundings. A pretty good base to grow fast in Freestyle!

Sam about his perfect Air Skopu: "I did this move in Port-la-Nouvelle with perfect flatwater and 40 knots of wind so I was pretty maxed out on my 90l Freestyler and the 4,0 but these conditions are definitely the right ones to add some "air" to the "Skopu". After ducking the sail you still have to be on full speed and you need the right timing to take-off as well. Since I have my new freestyle board it's a lot easier for me to get all these requirements together."

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