Tricktionary @ PWA Podersdorf

Been at the PWA Freestyle Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf / Austria for the past 6 days. Was a great event once again!

However it was very light wind in the beginning, it looked like we wouldn't even be able to get a result done. The last chance was our last competition day, so the Race management set the skippers meeting to 5:30 am (!!). Luckily the wind was with us - on the limit, but it was there! - we did a whole single elimination!


1st place: Taty Frans
2nd place: Seven van Broekhoven
3rd place: Gollito Estredo
4th place: Kiri Thode

We had and still have the Tricktionary II book and the Tricktionary DVD available at the Tricktionary/Hangloose/Windsurfing Journal stand. The Tricktionary DVD also at the Continentseven stand - even though it's the kiteevent now, you can still check out our products there! ;)

Here some photos from the event:

All the best

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