publication challenge tr3

TR3 publication challenge

Participate in the TR3 publication challenge and win one of many prices!


  • 2x Tricktionary 3 book
  • 2x TrickGenius 1 year premium subscription
  • 2x LASA towel poncho
  • 2x Tricktionary freestyle footstrap set

Who wins:

  • Each category will have 2 winners (closest date, closest page count and correct cover)
  • we will have 2 winners for the overall closest guess

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How to take part

Fill in your best guess for the day the printed books arrive at our warehouse and the exact total page count of the Tricktionary 3.
Additioanlly we'd be happy if you could give us your opinion about which of our cover shots you like best!

The closest guesses will win!

NOTE: If you have pre-ordered the TR3 already, don't worry, you'll be refunded the total amount!
Make your guess to win

Guess the day Tricktionary 3 books arrive in our warehouse:

Tricktionary 3 cover proposals

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