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Great features again, check it out!

TIP: Watch the Graham Ezzy Video, super nice quality!

Windsurfer International Cover April


The latest update for our Windsurfing Trickapp was just reviewed and published to the iTunes app store!

Whats NEW:

- We enhanced the navigation in Landscape training mode.

- Double tap to skip intro video! (deactivate in SETTINGS)

- Moved more moves to the free beginner package!! (now everything until Waterstart is FREE!)

- Added moves to all the paid packages (go to SHOP to update your purchased packages!)


We are now working on further enhancements as well as the translations to other languages! Once the translations are done, you'll be able to download them through one of the next updates!


Check it out and have fun with the Windsurfing TrickApp!

All the best




This time with Tricktionary Shove it feature and many other awesome stories, pictures and videos!

Check it out!





Late in the event already - sorry, been travelling -

However, if you haven't seen/heard yet, there's a LIVE video from the current PWA Freestyle Worldcup in Vietnam - tomorrow the 2nd double will be held... it's as you'd be there - check it out!!




New issue online, check it out - very interesting features - cool Madagaskar trip, Wave-sessions in NZ and multiple fin theory (twin,quad,thruster)..



Good winds



Just done with uploading an update for the jumping pack in our Windsurfing Trickapp.

Added 5 new moves: Grubby Diablo, Nohanded Flaka, Clew-first Flaka, Shaka Flaka, Eslider 540, Double Eslider


Instructions on how to update:

How to update a move package?

Leggi tutto: How to update a move package?


If you haven't updated the app to the new version yet, please do it through the app store, it will enable multitasking and the new version also works on the iPad without problems....


More soon!



Yeah it's ON, we're stoked, hope you're too!!


We finally got our iPhone app out in public! The first bugfix is also up, so now it should also work smooth on your iPad!!


After the book and the DVD, this first mobile instructional windsurfing app is the logical next step, it is the bridge between the static images and text of the book and the audio visual impressions of the DVD, it gives you the possibility to carry instructional technique for your favorite sport with you ALL THE TIME!!


Check out the app, just go to the iTunes app store and search for Tricktionary - or follow this LINK

The initial app is free to download and contains the full beginner course. So if you plan to start windsurfing, go get it NOW! ;)


Advanced moves are purchaseable inside the app and are split up into 3 packages:

- Non-jumping moves: All the pre-exercises, basic moves, jibes, tacks, 360s as you know them from the Tricktionary book

- Jumping moves: You plan to learn the speed loop, Air Jibe and all those cool freestyle tricks, you should consider the jumping pack (also consider the non-jumping pack at the same time as it contains many pre-exercises for this package!)

- Wave moves: Everything wave - sweet riding, aerials, goiters, loops, air chachoos... go radical!


Jumping and Wave packages are going to be updated with more moves until they are complete... once you purchased a package, downloading updates will of course be for free!



As all our Tricktionary instructional windsurfing tools, the app was build with quality in mind. Photo sequences in high resolution, single pictures with zoom functionality, tips, problems and according solutions... everything you are used to from the book or the DVD is there.


Confused now? Don't know what to buy?? check out the following article:

Tricktionary book vs. Tricktionary DVD vs. Tricktionary iPhone app

Read it...


Want to gift the iPhone app? - check this out:

Gift the Tricktionary iPhone app

Read it...


If you like our app, we'd be super happy if you'd post a review for the app... Please also keep in mind, that we are still working on the app, not all features are there yet and we are glad to hear any constructive feedback about how to improve the user experience! Also there are more moves going to be added within the next weeks!!


Any question or suggestion, please feel free to post in our Forum, or use the contact form on our website or in the app itself to let us know what you wish to be worked on more, bugs or just how you feel about it all!!! We need your input to make it perfect ;)

The Windsurfing TrickApp is the most important app any windsurfer can have on his iPhone!!!
(right next to Windguru, Windfinder, Windalert and that stuff) ;)

Hope you like it!


Good Winds

Your Tricktionary Team


Wow - check out the new issue of Windsurfer International!! There is an amazing story with unbelievable photos of Ireland in there and plenty more features - check it out!





When ordering in our Tricktionary webstore, please watch the following dates, in order to receive your order/present before Christmas (24th of Dec. 2010):

* Orders paid until 5th of December: OK for worldwide deliveries
* Orders paid until 16th of December: OK for deliveries to Germany and Austria
* Orders paid until 20th of December: OK for deliveries until 6.1. (for Spain mainly ;)

If you're not sure, please email us, we'll reply as quickly as possible!

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