Stam Promponas - Kabikuchi

Tips for one of the hardest ducking moves

Stam Promponas was used to compete the European Freestyle Pro Tour but since 2013 he didn't showed up - not withouth any reason because Stam opened his own windsurfcenter at the island of Naxos. "Laguna Beach Park" really offers perfect conditions for new moves with flatwater and some little ramps for the latest moves. Many young freestylers like Nicolo Tagliafico, Maaike Huvermann or Riccardo Marca - who just sent us this normal stance kono - visited the spot.

A few weeks ago we found this perfect Kabikuchi and asked Stam for some tips.
Over to him:

The Kabikuchi is the normal way of progression after the skopu - where you do the first part of the move in Switch Stance and than sliding in regular stance. For the Kabikuchi you have to duck the sail in normal stance which is a bit more difficult and then slide more or less in switch stance which is super difficult.

It's really important to get a feeling for the duck and if it's "good enough" to go further with this move or just sail flip the sail to the other side again and go for something else. If you got the duck right, you have to hit the chop with full speed to get the sliding part done afterwards. The conditions here at "Laguna Beach Park" are perfect to progress because you can duck in flat water and have a little ramp to get up plus flat water afterwards for the sliding - so you pretty much can't get it better.

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