Tricktionary promo tour USA 2010

We're on a promo tour in the USA (West Coast) since about 2 weeks - right now in Hood River waiting for some wind to come in...
Staying in Santa Cruz for some time, we could visit many of the spots around there, however, there was just not enough time to visit all of them,... maybe next week when we're back there.

Met a lot of super friendly people everywhere we have been so far! Amazing how much wind and how many different spots and conditions this area has to offer!!
The Gorge welcame us with some 4.2 waveboard action at Arlington, but went back to rain-mode for today... we'll see what the next days will bring...

We are visiting all the surf shops in the area - if you want to make sure we come around, drop us an email asap!

Check out this little collection of images of the tour so far:


more soon...

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