USA promo tour 2010

Our USA promo tour was great!!

We have travelled all over the place, from the Coast near Santa Cruz, the whole San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento River delta, Oregon Coast and the Gorge (Columbia River).
Visited all the surfshops, met all super nice people there – windsurfers, not windsurfers and even kiters :).

The whole Bay Area of San Francisco seems somehow like a big wind machine, you have it all covered by a really awesome “Daily Briefing” through iWindsurf and wind meters on every important spot. The water’s pretty chilly at the spots close to the ocean or at the coast, but that’s ok once you are powered up on your 4.7 .

San Francisco itself is a great town, plenty of stuff to see and restaurants to go to – not to forget the infinite supply of fast food! :)

There’s not that many windsurf retailers in the bay area anymore, Joe at Davenport surf&sail, Boardsports with their windsurf/kite shops+schools and in the delta there’s Delta Windsurf company – probably the biggest shop around there… (if I forgot anybody, please email me ;) ), however we visited all of them and all now have the Tricktionary and the DVD in stock!! Thanks guys!!

First river to sail was the Sacramento River Delta, on Sherman Island– another awesome spot, totally different landscape – a lot warmer than the spots close to the ocean and supposedly one of the windiest places in the Area. You can windsurf all day if there’s enough fog out in the bay area… the incoming/outgoing tides make the conditions.

Northern California has great, uncrowded beaches, huge forests, beautiful nature, same as the Oregon coast, where forests end straight in sand dunes, which build the shore line.

The Gorge (Columbia River) – just amazing – never sailed with such a strong current pushing you upwind. There are ramps popping up like crazy, the first day we saw huge jumps by the Tyson and Witt Poor and the other locals… Hood River, a little town, has 5 surf shops – of course visited all of them, Bigwinds, Windance and Gorge Surfshop now have the Tricktionary in stock – and the others know where to get it ;)

All in all an awesome trip – West Coast USA is definitely worth a travel if you are a windsurfer!! Plenty of wind and some nice wavespots at the coast!
See more pictures and a more detailed report in your favourite windsurfing mag soon!

See Jamin Jones for a post about their Hood River time + meeting the Tricktionary Team - http://jaminjones.blogspot.com/2010/07/time-flies-when-youre-having-fun.html

Here a little photogallery about our trip…


All the best
Rossi & Sandra

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