Double Spock by Tobias Schwarz

Christmas Time and Tobi Schwarz - the main man in our recent move series - has another little present for you. The Double Spock - beside all the radical switch-stance Newschool-Moves this one's still a highlight. even on the PWA Worldtour.

To start training you should call the Spock540 your own and - as always- you need full speed and loads of power in your sail.

Tobi: "This move is super quick and so you should be! It's definitely easier to start training in flatwater but with a bit of practice it's also possible to do this one in choppy conditions.

Don't jump too high for the first rotation, just pop the board and slide with a maximum of speed. As soon as you stand with your back to the sail you have to go for the 2nd jump which feels almost like a Bob. Don't forget to rotate your hip and look back. For many riders it's even easier to do this move one handed because you can keep the balance before the second jump a lot better but as always this is a matter of taste.“

For the rest check out the clip of Tobi - as ever with a lot of SlowMotions which makes it easy to follow. Thx to Tobi Schwarz for the effort he puts into all his move series.

Merry Christmas and never stop windsurfing!

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