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Red Bull Storm Chase - Trailer

A Force 10 Adventure

Red Bull Storm Chase - Trailer

3 Storms, 10 Sailors, 1 Champion. The Entire Planet As A Stage. These where the breathtaking ingredients for the most challenging windsurfing contest the world has ever seen.

Red Bull Storm Chase delivered a new era of windsurfing performance. Out now on DVD, “A Force 10 Adventure” displays all the incredible footage of the most extreme windsurfing action ever captured.

Check out the Trailer and the Official Worldwide Shop for the DVD at

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Gabriele Varrucciu – Freestyle & Motocross

Gabriele Varrucciu – Freestyle & Motocross

Gabriele “Varrux” Varrucciu living in the north of Sardinia and looks back to some of his sessions in 2014 with a little “raw” teaser. Whenever it's windless, "Varrux" goes big with 2 wheels and going for some Moto-X which makes the shortclip perfect for our Tricktionary Newspage - we love Xtreme Sports!

More to come from the Italian - a big video project is on the radar for 2015

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