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Flowstyle - Caesar Finies from Bonaire

Flowstyle - Caesar Finies from Bonaire

Tricktionary Teamrider Caesar Finies from Bonaire is famous for his acrobatic freestyle tricks in light winds, aka. flowstyle. Everyone who has been to Bonaire has probably seen and admired Caesar performing in front of Jibe City with his spectacular tricks and style.

Flowstyle is freestyle in very light wind, 5-10 knots are just perfect. A sail between 4.0 and 4.5 is great, flat water makes the thing easier, also the wider and less slippery your board the better.

How those moves work? - soon you will be able to see, read and learn from Caesar in one of our new Tricktionary projects!
By the way, the beta testing phase for our Trickgenius Online Coaching platform starts very soon. Register on to participate in the beta program!

But now - watch Caesar:

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