Riccardo Marca about "The Kono"

Riccardo Marca is one of the up & coming freestylers from Italy. Born & raised close to Rimini, "Rikki" moved to the island of Sardinia about 1 year ago to study - and train as hard as possible at the "Windsurfing Club Sa Barra" - the spot of Gigi Madeddu. He stepped up his freestyle level a lot and talking through the "normal stance" Kono.

Riccardo Marca: The normal kono is one of the new "power moves". The difficult part of the move is the first one, the ducking. To get a perfect ducking in all conditions - both strong and light winds - is a long way.

The conditions which I prefer to train this move are flat water with little chops to use them like a ramp and stronger winds with around 20-25 knots. If you have light wind it's hard to duck the sail without losing power, but on the other hand the "air time" get's difficult with stronger winds. As you see, you need a lot of feeling for your equipment - and pure freestyle sails are worth for this moves due the ducking get's a lot easier".

I prefere the 93 litres Fanatic Skate and 4,8 to 4,4 North Sails Idol Ltd."

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