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Shaka - Tobias Schwarz

Tobias Schwarz, part of Team Boddenstyle, spent a few weeks of his summer in Fuerteventura where he had the chance to train some new freestyle moves. The german also captureda few „move clips“ and we’re happy that we can share them with you  - some tips by Tobias included.

Let’s start with one the most stylish freestyle moves in regular stance – the Shaka

Tobi: „I do the Shaka for about three or four years. At  the beginning you have to get used to the motion because the move really feels a little strange – you should use the physics for the takeoff instead of wasting your power in the common upwind-chop-hops.

Sail slightly downwind, as fast as you can go and look for a little chop to get started with this move. Then you have to carve with full force into the wind, sheet in with your backhand and at the same time you should push down on the back leg and lean on the front arm.

As soon as you are in the air you have to continue to pull on your back hand and put your weight over the middle of the board / on your front arm. Focus the „in the air“ part and don’t worry about the sliding afterwards – you can work on that a bit later as it’s more or less just like the end of an upwind 360 – it’s all about the take-off and „in the air“.

The Shaka is a very complex move for which you’ll need a long time to call it yours and it can be pretty frustrating , but once in the bag you can pretty much pull it in every condition – especially if you’re overpowered. Go for it!

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