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Flowstyle - Caesar Finies from Bonaire

Tricktionary Teamrider Caesar Finies from Bonaire is famous for his acrobatic freestyle tricks in light winds, aka. flowstyle. Everyone who has been to Bonaire has probably seen and admired Caesar performing in front of Jibe City with his spectacular tricks and style.

Flowstyle is freestyle in very light wind, 5-10 knots are just perfect. A sail between 4.0 and 4.5 is great, flat water makes the thing easier, also the wider and less slippery your board the better.

How those moves work? - soon you will be able to see, read and learn from Caesar in one of our new Tricktionary projects!
By the way, the beta testing phase for our Trickgenius Online Coaching platform starts very soon. Register on to participate in the beta program!

But now - watch Caesar:

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Available now!

Love All Surf All Poncho

The first product in our small Love All Surf All lifestyle collection just arrived at our warehouse!

The Love All Surf All Poncho.

The message in this product should reflect the unity of all surfing sports and show the close connection we have to our element, the water. It's not important in which form you surf, no matter if windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddeling, pure paddle surfing, body boarding, its a lifestyle, a mindset that connects people with nature.

The Love All Surf All Towel Poncho is available in a mid-dark grey base color with colorful blue, green or orange slogan and edges.

It's now available - feel free to order in our online store any time - or check for it in your closest kite or windsurf store (ask for Tricktionary products too btw... ;) )

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New model 2015

Tricktionary Footstraps v2

The new production of Tricktionary Footstraps arrived - some enhancements - get them now!

Updated features:

  • Even softer
  • more durable!
  • easier to mount to your board
  • multisport sets - also perfect for directional kite boards!

Flashback to promo video:

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Daida Moreno - Pozo

New webclip by Daida Moreno. Windy Windy Pozo Izquierdo

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Camille Juban joins AVANTI

After MauiSails did not renew the sponsorship agreements with their sponsored racers also Camille Juban had to look for a new partner – and found one. AVANTI SAILS. Camille is the first pure wave rider to carry the Avanti flag and is renowned for his radical wave sailing and fluid style. The PWA and the AWT tours will be his main focus this season. Camille will be playing an intricate role in supplying rider feedback for the continued development of our market leading string membrane designs and technology.

“In wavesailing, I have been extremely lucky to work with, and design sails for, many of the best athletes in our sport. With Camille, I have the perfect rider and collaborator. I can’t wait to see where this goes”. states DAN KASELER

FINIAN MAYNARD adds “We are thrilled to sign Camille Juban to our team. At only 24-years old, and an exceptional world-class talent with the ability to shine at the very highest level in both port and starboard tack down-the-line and onshore conditions, Camille represents exactly the type of all-round wave sailor we have been coveting

The first event for Camille will start this weekend with the AWT (American Windsurf Tour) stop at the famous Ponta Preta location in Cape Verde. With a fantastic forecast on tap, look for great things. Following the event, check for pics, interviews, behind the scenes snapshots, and hype.

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Fabi Weber - Ammersee cold as ice

Cold as ice – Fabian Weber scored a freestyle session at his homespot “Lake Ammer” with temperatures below zero. The definition of passion for our sport, thumbs up

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Kiri Thode - Bonaire Freestyle

The last months on Bonaire were not as windy as expected but from now on the locals and “freestyle tourists” should see the best conditions of the year till end of March. Seems like Kiri Thode is ready for the new season already today as we can see in his latest shortclip. A firework of moves with his favorite combo (5,2m² and 91l) is waiting for you. Hit the play button

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Nick de Wannemaeker - South Africa

Join Nick de Wannemaeker on a classic Cape Town day in Big Bay and Sunset Beach. A nice video by the RRD / O’Neill rider with a lot of action and different camera angles.

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Leon Jamaer - January in Sylt

Leon Jamaer took the train to sail Sylt a couple of weeks ago on a harsh January day. Nobody else on the water but at least one spectator at the beach – who luckily had a camera with him too. David Strüning filmed the action and a high quality shortclip is the result. Have a look below

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Marcilio Browne - Kona Sessions

Marcilio Browne scored one of the rare “Kona Winds” sessions at home in Maui and luckily a cam filmed all the action on the beach. The “Kona” direction makes it possible to sail “Port Tack” in Lanes and Marcilio does so in perfection. The next clip , just one week after his “Brasil Video” is ready to watch. Have a look below

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