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Action DVD Combo

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If you have the Tricktionary book already and think about the Tricktionary DVD, why not save 10% with the Action DVD combo!

Windsurfing is full of action! The Actionpack contains our Tricktionary DVD to learn, and a windsurfing action-video to inspire yourself. The Windsurfing Movie II (NEW 2010!!) and the Four Dimensions Movie are really great movies, both come in great quality!


- 1x Tricktionary DVD BOX

+1 of the following Action DVDs:

- 1x The SUP Movie (New 2015) (Stand up Paddeling) OR
- 1x The Windsurfing Movie II DVD (Windsurf) OR
- 1x Four Dimensions Movie DVD (Windsurf) OR
- 1x Minds Wide Open Movie DVD (Windsurf)


More info about the Tricktionary DVD HERE
More info about The Windsurfing Movie I HERE
More info about The Windsurfing Movie II HERE
More info about The Four Dimensions Movie HERE
More info about Minds Wide Open Movie HERE



The SUP Movie Trailer:

Minds Wide Open Movie DVD Trailer:

Four Dimensions Movie DVD trailer


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