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The Tricktionary principle

The goal of every Tricktionary product is, to collect the current status of a sport or a sports specific discipline with all it's knowledge and technique. Using as many different riders, brands, nationalities, styles as possible, recording and showcasing with state of the art technology in static, dynamic and audio visual media.

I got the book, is there an electronic version for download so i don't need to carry it with me everywhere?

Sorry, there is no freely downloadable PDF version, if you purchased the hardcover Tricktionary for Windsurfing or Kitesurfing.

The main reason is copy protection - a PDF would be online and be software-pirated and distributed through torrents very quickly, rendering our business obsolete...

For this reason we are sorry, we can and will not offer downloadable electronic versions of the Tricktionary books without any copy protection..

However, there will be purchaseable eBooks of the Tricktionary books being released through online book shop portals Amazon and iBooks store.

Please understand though that it is technically not possible for us to know if you have purchased a Tricktionary hardcopy book or not and therefore we will not be able to give you free access to the electronic data here aswell.

Please find the Windsurfing Tricktionary 2 eBook on Amazon or iBooks store for purchase:

Amazon Kindle store



Sorry, the Kiteboarding Tricktionary Twintip Edition is not avialable as eBook yet.

Tricktionary 1 vs. Tricktionary 2

There is definitely an improvement from the Tricktionary I to the Tricktionary II.

Strongest improvements are in:
- Beginners-part and Equipmentguide is enhanced, extended by several pages.
- New Fitness and Health pages written by a professional sports coach
- completely renewed Learning-guide
- New freestyle moves
- most important: real, huge wave-chapter (70+ pages!) written by John Skye.

Are moves better explained? // pictures easier to follow?

There is not that much change in the explanation as there is not much more you could explain.
All the photos are renewed, we did another photoshoot in Egypt, but this time the tower was even higher, which makes the photosequences slightly better for the explanations.

So i would say the new Tricktionary pays off if you want to go into Waves too (John Skye's tipps in the wavechapter are priceless!!!) or if you need some more information on beginner-intermediate stuff like troubleshooting,rigging,... or you are interested in the new moves like double esliders, burners, toad and so on...

What will definitely be a great help to learn moves as well will be the Tricktionary DVD - it will maximize the audiovisual impact and greatly help you to understand the movements and improve faster!!

Tricktionary book vs. Tricktionary DVD vs. Tricktionary iPhone app

What to buy?... Good question!!


Well the "problem" here is, that each of the products has it's advantages and disadvantages, just by possibilities the according media format dictates.

Of course I would say it's definitely the best to use all of our products together, to learn more quickly, but even though we tried to keep our products affordable for most, not everybody can afford all our Tricktionary windsurfing tools right away... Maybe the following can help you a little, to find out what fits best for you!!


Tricktionary II book

Our windsurfing bible contains the most information. The tuition is presented a lot in beautiful picture sequences, with detailed text explanations in various languages (depending on what version you buy) and additionally with crash-photos, comon problems and solutions, as well as tips to learn moves more quickly.


Tricktionary DVD

Audio and visual aspects will make it easier for you to understand the movement and the feeling the move should lead to. You will also find all the tips and tricks, as well as problems and solutions as they are in the book, but space on DVD's is very much limited and so each move can only contain a limited amount of information (voice) - therefore you actually have a bit less PURE content on the DVD.


Using book and DVD (see our Trickpack!!) helps you to make best use of both worlds - static text and images, together with audio and visual impressions should produce the quickest learning process!


Tricktionary iPhone app

Now the newest publication, the iPhone app - totally new media, making it all more interactive and extremely mobile! The app contains all the moves the book and the DVD do, it can't contain as much information as the book, neither does it offer as detailed video instructions as the DVD does, but it combines both products into a summarized version that you can carry whereever you take your phone (which for most people nowadays is EVERYWHERE :) ).

The app is perfect if you want to have all the instructions always with you and if you want to have super quick access to all the pre-exercises and so on. you can see the static images combined with text, as well as video features to be able to imagine how the move should feel.


Hope this makes your decision a bit easier - and in doubt - just get it all ;)

What is Freestyle Windsurfing?

Freestyle Windsurfing:
 "Improvement of windsurfing profiency by learning nonsensical but impressing contortions with board and sail" ... one could find maybe as an explanation in a normal dictionary.

We show, what it's really about:

  • You never stop learning,  there is ALWAYS a new move to try!
  • Funsport à la X-GAMES - even on the lake!!
  • LITTE risk of injury (compared to skateboarding, snowboarding, MotoX)
  • Make sure of the fascination FREESTYLE by watching our videoclips and photos in the gallery!
  • soon you will be addicted ...

For more details about the Tricktionary, Freestyle and Moves click FAQ


What is the Tricktionary?

The Tricktionary is the next generation of instructional windsurfing products.
Now having a Tricktionary book AND a Tricktionary DVD brings you the maximum learning impact to your home!
  • Made for windsurfers of every level and age!
  • Both, Tricktionary book and DVD contain ALL possible moves in windsurfing, from basic jibes and tacks up to the craziest and newest freestyle and wave moves.
  • With printed sequences (merged photos) in the book, STOP MOTIONS and SUPER SLOW MOTIONS in the DVD, the exact movement of every trick is clearly evident.
  • The attending text and audio explains every move from the beginning to the completition and shows you how to learn and do it safely.
  • Pre-exercises, extra explained Hot tips and Shortcuts increase your learning speed and guide you to your goal.
  • The Tricktionary book is available internationally through our Onlineshop in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian language.
  • The Tricktionary DVD contains audio in English and German and subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Japanese.

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