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Pozo & Vargas

Josep Pons - Gran Canaria at it's best

Don’t miss this amazing clip of Josep Pons who’s tearing it up in amazing conditions at his homespots on the island of Gran Canaria. Pozo Izquierdo & Vargas at it’s best – and Josep isn’t even a professional. Such a high level at these island….#accessyourpotential #loveallsurfall

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Graham Ezzy  Back to Maui

In 2014 Graham Ezzy competed at the PWA Worldtour and had to move to Europe for a long time to sail the events on the Canary Islands, in Denmark, Sylt and La Torche before he finally made his way back home.

Graham: “After a long summer in Europe without much windsurfing, I returned home to Maui to prepare for the upcoming Aloha Classic World Cup at Hookipa. My training for the contest focused on the fundamentals of waveriding: turns.

“Back to Maui Part 1: Training,” starts with a messy 360 captured on my first day back in the water, and as the edit progresses you can see my sailing improve as I get back into the Hookipa mindset. We shot this footage on 3 separate days during the 2 weeks before the contest.

Part 2 will feature my windsurfing from the Aloha Classic.”

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Good Timesurf - Leon Struppeck

Nice Freestyle Clip from Northern Germany. Leon Struppeck spent the summer on the island of Fehmarn where he also worked as a windsurf instructor plus he travelled to Denmark a few times before he left some weeks ago to Australia where he'll spend 5 months full of Windsurfing but first let's review his summer.

The Hot Sails Maui Freestyler improved a lot!

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stunning footage from Mauritius

The island

Yegor Popretinskiy and Olya Raskina travelled to Mauritius in November and beside the two windsurfers and their equipment also Kirill Umrikhin made it to the island with a lot of camera equipment. The video of their “Island” trip just made it online and it’s definitely a “must see” with amazing angles and Freestyle ,Wavesailing, SUP, Surfing and tons of lifestyle footage. Hit the play button and you’ll see what we’re writing about.

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Marc Paré Rico - Waves at home

Marc Paré Rico impressed everyone during this years “Juniors Competitions” at the canary leg of the PWA Worldtour. He also competed in the trials of Klitmoller / Cold Hawaii and France where he made it into the main event. His homespot is Roses at the Costa Brava, well known as a slalom spot where also the PWA Worldtour stops as well and normally you hardly find any waves there. Last weekend finally the conditions were pretty decent for the waveboard and the 16 years old jumped on his board and made the most out it. Check out the video below – looks like the conditions even improved during his session.

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Switch Kono - Tobias Schwarz

The Switch Kono is a relatively new move in our freestyle scene but this „DuckTack in the air“ became the favorite of many riders and base of many advanced move-combinations in a very short time. The move is a bit weird at first but feels magical as soon as you managed to take off.

Tobi Schwarz, who recently broke down the Shaka for you here, talks you through the Switch Kono with a few „quick tips“.



Speed is essential like with many moves – go fullspeed, sail slightly downwind and change your feet to switch-position.


Switching might appear easier by applying a litte bit pressure on the mast(base).


To make your way on the other side of the sail, you should try to get rid of the sail-pressure for a moment. To accomplish this, you initally try to bring the rigg a bit to the tail of the board. Then duck the sail impulsively – same story like with the ducktack.


Once the sail is ducked, make sure you carve into the wind. While doing this, give pressure on your front foot and concentrate to lay down the sail by pushing carefully with your masthand rather than your sailhand. Looking towards the top of your sail may facilitate the carving process.

When you reach a very small angle to the wind and feel the exceeding pressure in your sail, its time to fly high. Current situation: Your frontarm is slightly stretched, your backhand is staying closer to your body.


Timing is important but the right technique to for the take-off, too.

Give a first impulse for the sail to erect by pushing explosively your backhand/stretching your sailarm. By pulling the rig and board to your body you reach height. It might be helpful for you to look towards the clew of your boom. Lay back and enjoy your flight.

The landing actually is not that spectacular. Don’t be afraid if your first switch konos bang on landing – the typical good kono does ;)

The next step up the ladder would be the improvement to a „nose dive“and a 180° sliding part to call the „Skopu“ yours.


Have fun flying through the air, don’t hurt you and see you on the water.

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Dario Troiani – Good Vibrations

Let’s start the new week with a clip from the north of Sardinia around the homespots of Dario Troiani. It’s a little bit of everything with SUP, waves and Freestyle at different spots but mainly the italian celebrates his “freedom lifestyle”. Check out the clip below

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360° Footage

Jason Polakow - Panoramic Windsurfing

Jason Polakow score some rad panoramic shots with a pole-mounted camera in his newest JP Chronicle edit. If you want to know how these shots were made, check the article for behind the scenes pictures and explanations.

“The person who is looking at the 360° images can really feel like they are a part of the action clip and get a better understanding of what we do and how we do it,” Jason explains. “Even for myself I see benefits. I can view my board carving through the water or view upwards to look at how the sail is performing.”

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A Force 10 Adventure

Red Bull Storm Chase - Trailer

3 Storms, 10 Sailors, 1 Champion. The Entire Planet As A Stage. These where the breathtaking ingredients for the most challenging windsurfing contest the world has ever seen.

Red Bull Storm Chase delivered a new era of windsurfing performance. Out now on DVD, “A Force 10 Adventure” displays all the incredible footage of the most extreme windsurfing action ever captured.

Check out the Trailer and the Official Worldwide Shop for the DVD at

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The Austrian wants to climb up the PWA Slalom Rankings

In the spotlight: Marco Lang

Marco Lang is one of the most promising Slalom talents on the PWA who joined the tour at a young age and now get’s better and better. Stefan Csaky produced a really high quality clip about Marco getting fit for his big dream in the gym and on the water plus some “Livestream Footage” from Fuerteventura and Alacati made it to the video as well.

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