How to update a move package?

Our packages are updated frequently with new moves. To have those moves on your app, you'll need to download the new package from the internet.


You'll only need to update if you have already purchased and downloaded a package. Any new purchase will automatically download the newest version.


To update a package you have previously purchased:

1. Enable an internet connection on your phone - preferrably WIFI, as the packages are quite big.

2. Start the Windsurfing Trickapp on your device

3. At the main screen, press "SHOP" at the bottom

4. In the shop you'll see the available packages and will see "UPDATE" instead of "INSTALLED" at the package an update is available for.

5. Tap the package to update and on the top right press "UPDATE"

6. Leave your device on until the package is downloaded. It will also be installed automatically.

7. Press DONE and check the package for the new moves...

  • Domenica, 23 Gennaio 2011

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