What is Freestyle Windsurfing?

Freestyle Windsurfing:
 "Improvement of windsurfing profiency by learning nonsensical but impressing contortions with board and sail" ... one could find maybe as an explanation in a normal dictionary.

We show, what it's really about:

  • You never stop learning,  there is ALWAYS a new move to try!
  • Funsport à la X-GAMES - even on the lake!!
  • LITTE risk of injury (compared to skateboarding, snowboarding, MotoX)
  • Make sure of the fascination FREESTYLE by watching our videoclips and photos in the gallery!
  • soon you will be addicted ...

For more details about the Tricktionary, Freestyle and Moves click FAQ

  • Giovedì, 03 Aprile 2008

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