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Jordan Ema-Otu - Windy South France

Jordan Ema-Otu shows you “his” homespots in the South of France. Check out some of his sessions of 2014 at La Ganguise Lake (nearby Toulouse), Gruissan and Port La Nouvelle (Le Rouet) together with his friends. Happy new year!

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Freestyle Action from Cape Town with Adam Sims and Balz Mülller

LIT Episode 1

In October we already watched the “LIT” trailer of Adam Sims, Balz Müller and Steven van Broeckhoven and now the time has come for the first episode. It’s from Cape Town and we want to let the action do the talking. Spot on for Adam & Balz. Hit the play button below.

More to come - with Steven van Broeckhoven - soon.


LIT ep. 1 w. Sims, Müller & Van Broeckhoven a Windsurf video by adamsims72

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Julien Mas at the spots around Camocim

EL GRINGO in Brazil

For Julien Mas, Camocim and all the spots around offer the best conditions since 4 years and that’s the reason why he decided once again to do the trip from the end of October to the beginning of December.

The french freestyler travelled with Loick Spicher & Hugo de Souza which guaranteed perfect conditions for 4,4 or 4,0 every day. Have a look below


EL GRINGO in Brazil von Riders-Match

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Levi Siver - Punta San Carlos

In August we already watched some unreal footage of Levi Siver in “Punta San Carlos”. Now there’s new footage of that jet-ski session with Bennett Williams ready to watch. Don’t miss this one but pay attention. “If you have bad forecast where you live don’t watch this your gonna wanna go sail” stated Levi.

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Mattia Pedrani - Maui Xmas

Xmas came early for Mattia Pedrani who made it back to Maui after about 7 years and was lucky enough to score excellent conditions. Mattia, who joined the PWA Freestyle Worldtour a few years ago (and made it into the Top 15 overall) today working as a software developer and still puts a lot of energy into his own music – especially Beats.

Mattia: “After about 7 years away from “the Island”, I couldn’t really bear it any more so I decided to take a 3 week holiday from my work as a software developer, packed all my stuff and girlfriend and finally got back to Maui. It was long overdue, and managed to sail in some really nice conditions. Here’s a little vid of my holiday from Oct 4-27th 2014. Thanks Alice for Filming and for the fun little ending of the vid :)”

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Double Spock by Tobias Schwarz

Christmas Time and Tobi Schwarz - the main man in our recent move series - has another little present for you. The Double Spock - beside all the radical switch-stance Newschool-Moves this one's still a highlight. even on the PWA Worldtour.

To start training you should call the Spock540 your own and - as always- you need full speed and loads of power in your sail.

Tobi: "This move is super quick and so you should be! It's definitely easier to start training in flatwater but with a bit of practice it's also possible to do this one in choppy conditions.

Don't jump too high for the first rotation, just pop the board and slide with a maximum of speed. As soon as you stand with your back to the sail you have to go for the 2nd jump which feels almost like a Bob. Don't forget to rotate your hip and look back. For many riders it's even easier to do this move one handed because you can keep the balance before the second jump a lot better but as always this is a matter of taste.“

For the rest check out the clip of Tobi - as ever with a lot of SlowMotions which makes it easy to follow. Thx to Tobi Schwarz for the effort he puts into all his move series.

Merry Christmas and never stop windsurfing!

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Now also in the Apple iBooks store

Windsurf Tricktionary 2 eBook iBooks store

Windsurf Tricktionary 2 eBook now also available on the Apple iBooks store!

Apple iBooks store






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Automne à la Ganguise

Seems like Kévin Ema-otu had a pretty good autumn at his homespot around Toulouse which has perfect freestyle conditions to offer. Check out his shortclip with footage from different angles and some really smooth moves. We like it and it seems like Kévin did everything by his own and proofed one more time that you don’t need a 2nd person who films you.

By the way: AVANTI Sails just updated their homepage with the 2015 range and all informations about the MEMBRANE construction. Click

We still have a few 2014 sails on stock and special prices ready for you at our website.

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Windsurf Tricktionary 2 eBook!

The Windsurfing Tricktionary 2 is unfortunately still sold out in it's print version.

You still need/want a Tricktionary 2?

Now you can get the Tricktionary 2 as eBook - available on Amazon as Kindle eBook!
In a few days it will also be on the iBooks store from Apple.

The eBook links on the Kindle store here:

Another alternative and an awesome learning tool is the Winddsurfing Tricktionary DVD Box - which was filmed together with the Tricktionary 2 book - so basically the Tricktionary 2 books as video.

Purchase the Tricktionary DVD Box in our online shop or at your closest Windsurf store!

More details:

Have fun!
Michael Rossmeier
Tricktionary Publishing

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Graham Ezzy  Back to Maui

In 2014 Graham Ezzy competed at the PWA Worldtour and had to move to Europe for a long time to sail the events on the Canary Islands, in Denmark, Sylt and La Torche before he finally made his way back home.

Graham: “After a long summer in Europe without much windsurfing, I returned home to Maui to prepare for the upcoming Aloha Classic World Cup at Hookipa. My training for the contest focused on the fundamentals of waveriding: turns.

“Back to Maui Part 1: Training,” starts with a messy 360 captured on my first day back in the water, and as the edit progresses you can see my sailing improve as I get back into the Hookipa mindset. We shot this footage on 3 separate days during the 2 weeks before the contest.

Part 2 will feature my windsurfing from the Aloha Classic.”

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