Tricktionary 1 vs. Tricktionary 2

There is definitely an improvement from the Tricktionary I to the Tricktionary II.

Strongest improvements are in:
- Beginners-part and Equipmentguide is enhanced, extended by several pages.
- New Fitness and Health pages written by a professional sports coach
- completely renewed Learning-guide
- New freestyle moves
- most important: real, huge wave-chapter (70+ pages!) written by John Skye.

Are moves better explained? // pictures easier to follow?

There is not that much change in the explanation as there is not much more you could explain.
All the photos are renewed, we did another photoshoot in Egypt, but this time the tower was even higher, which makes the photosequences slightly better for the explanations.

So i would say the new Tricktionary pays off if you want to go into Waves too (John Skye's tipps in the wavechapter are priceless!!!) or if you need some more information on beginner-intermediate stuff like troubleshooting,rigging,... or you are interested in the new moves like double esliders, burners, toad and so on...

What will definitely be a great help to learn moves as well will be the Tricktionary DVD - it will maximize the audiovisual impact and greatly help you to understand the movements and improve faster!!
  • Вторник, 27 октября 2009

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