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Voucher 24 Months PREMIUM Windsurfing

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24,90 €


This is a voucher for a 24 months PREMIUM access to our mobile and web apps at

Delivery: Currently as PDF by email within 1 day of purchase max (yes we hurry around Xmas, don't worry). Can be printed to become the perfect windsurfers present!


What is TrickGenius

Our web app and it's iOS and Android apps (Windsurfing Tricktionary in the app stores), offer virtually unlimited possibilities for us to deliver our coaching experience directly to your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Log on right now to have a look, there is no catch and no obligations!
  • Free lifetime account with free instructional content up until waterstart!
  • 1 week free full PREMIUM access to check it all out
  • Subscriptions are not auto renewing, we are no trouble makers! ;)
  • Subscribe by buying this voucher, directly on the web app ( or in the mobile apps (iOS/Android).


NOTE: Delivery of the voucher will be in form of a printable PDF by EMAIL - There is a unique coupon code on each voucher. Please make sure you order with the correct email at checkout, or mention any other email in the COMMENTS section at checkout. Printed vouchers are not available yet.

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