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Kite and Windsurfing Guide WORLD-ENGLISH

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The first comprehensive spot guide to the kite- and windsurfing regions of the world!

Introducing almost 100 regions in 9 continental chapters and featuring over 1,200 of the world's best spots. Illustrated with 1,000 breathtaking photos and detailed maps of every region.

Plus: in depth explanations of wind, wave and weather conditions throughout the year tell you all about the best period for your trip.


The Guide also offers authentic travel information with essential tips on what to expect in each region and what is essential for a successful trip. Last but not least the book contains contact details of local shops, shapers, schools and gear rental as well as accommodation, restaurants, rental cars and other insider tips.

Featured continental chapters: Europe, Africa, Indian Ocean, East-Asia, Autralia, Pacific Islands, North America, Central America & Caribbean, South America

Stoked-publications about their WORLD Guide:
"The endeavours behind this 320 page work were enormous: like the EUROPE GUIDE all the information was collated first hand from hundreds of experienced locals. On top over 50 pro riders, world champions and legends of our sports contributed their knowledge and experience.
The Wall-of-Fame is adorned with names like Antoine Albeau, Kristin Boese, Pete Cabrinha, Bjørn Dunkerbeck, Aaron Hadlow, Robby Naish, Ruben Lenten, Ben Wilson and many, many more – a who's-who of the whole kite and windsurfing scene.
And finally the archives of 100 of the world's leading photographers had to be screened and out of 20.000 action and travel shots, the best 700 pictures were selected for the book."




Excerpt: Click Chile to see and sneak preview the page:



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