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Tricktionary 3 - The ultimate windsurfing bible

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The new Tricktionary is soon available!

  • publication in XXX (kept open cause of PUBLICATION CHALLENGE - GAME ON!)
  • Pre-orders possible right NOW!
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Frequently Asked Questions about Tricktionary 3

When will the Tricktionary 3 be shipped

We are still working on it but we are positive that the shipping date will be more clear soon!
The closer we get to the finishing date the more information we will be able to provide.
Please register on the pre-order-newsletter so we can send you information about the TR3 project status as soon as available.

What languages will the Trickitonary 3 be available in

Main languages: English and German are the main and first languages.
Primary languages: English and German
Additional, confirmed languages: Italian, Spanish
To be confirmed: French, Russian
New possible languages (need translators AND exclusive distributor): Chinese, Japanese

Why does it take so long?

The Tricktionary 3 will be a complete re-work and huge upgrade to all existing Tricktionary products. We have gathered awesome coaches to contribute and make this the most complete piece of windsurfing knowledge
Nothing is just copied from Tricktionary 2, so it's like working out a new book and that takes time.
Meanwhile we are also working on the TrickGenius web and mobile apps which we connect strongly to the Tricktionary 3 book and that also takes some time and effort.
Stay with us, the Tricktionary 3 is coming!!

I have pre-ordered but it's still not avaialble

Yes, i know that sucks - we'll bring the book on the way to you as soon as we somehow can!
Feel free to email us to cancel your order if you want/need to. We would like to add 3 months full access to the TrickGenius website together with your pre-order! (

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