Perfect for wingfoiling, windsurfing, windfoiling and more!


Jerome Cloetens - 2nd place Fuerteventura 2023

No matter what level you are and what ambitions you have, you will love the comfort and stability these footstraps provide!

Tricktionary footstraps are good wherever you need a firm strap that is comfortable, easy on your foot, gives you super good contact to your board and lets you easily slip in/out whenever desired!

Treat your feet like they should be treated!


  • Incredibly soft on your foot
    Top control over your board in all condtions!
    Distributes the force on a wider area of your foot.
    Easy in and out!
    All discipline, all sports and especially for foiling just perfect!
  • Weight: just 50g more than a normal strap (even wet)!
  • Easier to mount than the previous model.
  • More durable - optimisations on material!
  • Once you use Trickstraps you won't go back!

Research & Development

Tricktionary Foostraps were originally developed by Michael Rossmeier for Freestyle Windsurfing to reduce pressure on the foot and provide a more efficient connection to the board. It turns out this design is just perfect for foiling.


You might think they are too big and heavy...
Yes they are big, because they have a 1cm cushion on the inside. But with the EVA not taking any water, the weight is not an issue!! Three Trickstraps (Standard Set) weight as much as four normal ones, even when wet!!

Package Content

The set contains 3 Tricktionary Footstraps v4


Screws and anti-twist:

There are many different verisons of screws and anti-twist plugs - it is important that you use the one that fits with your board.

Please note that it is really important to have the right type, thickness and length of screws and anti twist for the plugs used in your board!

Recommendation: Use the screws and anti-twist plugs that came with the original straps of your board.