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Trickstrap v3 Freestyle-Wave Set (3 pcs)

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Delivery Time: Germany: app. 2-4 days
Europe: app. 1 week
World: app. 1-3 weeks



Update NOV 2017: Trickstraps v3 just arrived from factory - now in stock - now shipping - improved features, see "features" - get them now!
NOTE: This is the standard v3 strap set, which has mainly improved durability with a new cover material (HD version available for those who always break straps quickly!)


No matter what level you are and what ambitions you have, you will love the comfort and stability these footstraps will provide!

Tricktionary Footstraps are a bit wider than normal windsurfing footstraps and a bit less wide than Kiteboarding Twintip footstraps - therefore they are PERFECT for Windsurfing and directional Kiteboards!



Enjoy the features:

  • Incredible softness to your foot, even softer with the new model!
  • Distributes the force of your gear on a wider area on your foot!
  • Easy in and out!
  • ALL Purpose - No matter if Freeriding, Freestyle or Wave
  • Weight: just 50g more than a normal strap (even wet)!
  • The new Trickstrap is much easier to mount than the previous model (previous model is sold out, don't worry about that).
  • The new v3 Trickstrap is much more durable - optimisations on cover material choice have been made to make sure they last longer. For those who are breaking straps all the time, check out the new v3 HD model!
  • Once you use Trickstraps you won't go back!

package content


Package content:

  • The set contains 3 (or 4) Trickstraps



screws and anti-twist


Screws and anti-twist:

There are many different verisons of screws and anti-twist plugs - it is important that you use the one that fits with your board.

My recommendation: Use the screws and anti-twist plugs that came with the original straps of your board. If the screws are worn out, you can add some to your Trickstrap order just below.

Additional Information

Delivery time Germany: app. 2-4 days
Europe: app. 1 week
World: app. 1-3 weeks