Tricktionary - The DVD



"Tricktionary - The ultimate windsurfing instructional DVD".


We created a huge amount of instructional clips - all linked together with a very complex, but ergonomic menu-system. The DVD is "working" as a "stand-alone" product, so without any of our books. But of course you will push your skills to the max if you use it together with the Tricktionary (no matter if 1 or 2).  However, the Tricktionary DVD was created together with the Tricktionary 2 and therefore fits perfectly to our new book.


All the moves you find in the book are banned on DVD as well!


Imagine the learning success when using static photo sequences together with explaining text of the book and at the same time, watch the move in a videoclip in stunning quality, with SUPER SLOW MOTIONS, stop motions and animations - just the perfect audio-visual combination that pushes your windsurfing to the max!



We shot the Tricktionary DVD at the same time as the photos for the Tricktionary 2. One month of Basics, Freeride and Freestyle shooting in Dahab (Egypt) and another month pure Wave shooting in Maui (Hawaii).


Shooting photo- and video footage synchronously gave us the possibility to fit both products perfectly together!


All the video footage was recorded in HD! The biggest advantage out of this brand new awesome technology is, that it allowes to record with 50 full frames per second - which delivers super smooth slow motions.


Special features



Newest, industry leading slow motion technology allowed us to get smooth slow motions down to a rate of 25%!!! This makes the whole scenery and the movements extremely visible.

Soon there will be sample clips, so you can check !!



You probably were watching a DVD on your computer or on the TV and pressed PAUSE to see something more in detail and you probably were pretty disappointed when you discovered that the pause-screen is blurry and the image is not clear ...

Well - we took care of that too!! By using a special technique when filming, we could push stop-motions to a never seen quality!

Check out our sample clips - watch the trailers and press pause!


Technical Data


3 fully packed DVD's

More than 450 minutes of instructional video

Super ergonomic menu system

Multi language:
AUDIO: English, German
SUBTITLES: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian



3DCOVER MU4Y1477 300realhigh  Trickpack-Book+DVD


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