Wing Tricktionary Update

Wing Tricktionary Update

▶️ Issues came up in the last years that delayed the finishing of the book unfortunately. I am super grateful for everyone who keeps supporting Tricktionary and is patiently waiting for the Wing Tricktionary to finally come out!

▶️ This is another huge project, lots of work, lots of things to bring together, finally on a great line and soon having the first proper pages to show officially!

▶️ In terms of status of the book - well I aim to have the book ready before Summer 2024 - I know I am bad with deadlines and timelines, however, I am confident we can get something to you soon!

▶️ Besides the book, I'll publish a new mobile and web app soon to support you all better directly - something cool - stay tuned and watch here and on all Tricktionary spaces!

▶️ If you have specific needs or questions or things that you would like to know that you think nobody had ever covered, please fill in this form here to give some feedback and I'll make sure to cover it ⏩️ FEEDBACK

▶️ Please follow @wing.tricktionary on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK

Thanks for the support!!


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